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    If you are living in Nottingham and have a home built many decades ago, then it is likely to have asbestos in different materials used to construct your home. You might be looking for the best way to perform the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials at your home located in Nottingham. This guide will certainly help you in the process.

    Before getting started, you need to know certain things regarding asbestos, its usage, its advantages as well as the fatal diseases that it can cause.

    What is Asbestos?

    Asbestos is a group of six different silicate minerals which can be found in their natural form in our environment. These minerals can be seen in our environment in the form of fibres which are about the size of a microscopic organism. Asbestos fibres are used in industries, factories, mills, shipyards, and many different commercial sectors as well as in the materials used to construct homes, buildings and different architectures. Asbestos is used in these places because of its high resisting capacity to fire, water, chemicals and heat. It is also an insulator to electricity. The six different silicate minerals can be turned down into very thin and highly durable threads which are later used in these sectors.

    You can easily find the fibres of asbestos in different architectures built during the time before 1980s due to their durability and high resistance capacity as mentioned above. However, from the mid-1980s to the beginning of the 21st century, many countries including the United Kingdom started banning the usage of asbestos in every places. Now, if anyone is found to be using asbestos, he/she can fall under legal action since asbestos is considered to be illegal these days. Despite being very significant for constructional purposes, asbestos can cause very fatal and serious health effects, which is why it has been banned in many nations.

    However, if you are living in a building which was built before the time asbestos fibres were banned, you are likely to find asbestos-containing materials at your property. Since asbestos is now considered illegal, you might want to have the materials containing asbestos at your home removed.

    Why is Asbestos Harmful?

    Asbestos is not only highly durable, but also highly dangerous substance. When asbestos fibres are exposed to air, you can inhale them easily and get caught by different harmful health effects. If you have any materials built with asbestos at your home which are about to get damaged or destroyed, the fibres of asbestos will be exposed to air and your body will easily inhale them. If you reside in an industrial area, near mills or shipyards as well as other commercial sectors where asbestos is used, then the odds of getting exposed to asbestos fibres and inhaling them are also very high. When you inhale these fibres, you will eventually get caught by several effects and different fatal diseases.

    Some of the major fatal and serious diseases that you can get with the exposure to asbestos fibres are listed below:

    • Asbestosis
    • Mesothelioma
    • Pleural Thickening
    • Asbestos-related Lung Cancer

    Over 5000 employees in different commercial and industrial sectors in the United Kingdom lose their life every year due to the inhalation of asbestos fibres. This is all due to the exposure of asbestos fibres into the air. If the asbestos-containing materials at your home are totally fine and aren't in damaged or cracked in any way, then you shouldn't consider removing them. When these materials are in good condition, it is unlikely for the asbestos fibres to be exposed to air unless you try disturbing them. If you are trying to dismantle and remove these materials, they will eventually be exposed to air at least in a little amount and a little amount of asbestos when inhaled can also cause you several health effects as well as fatal diseases.

    Even a little amount of asbestos fibres consists of very tiny asbestos fibres because they are present in microscopic size and you won't know whether you inhaled them or not. Not only that, you will also not be able to find out if you have been attacked by the above mentioned fatal and serious diseases or not. The symptoms of these diseases take several decades to start developing. When the symptoms start developing and you get diagnosed with any of these diseases, it would already be very late and you can't do anything about it. If you get diseases like mesothelioma, then the odds of getting away are nearly zero. Hence, you should consider removing the asbestos-containing materials from your home as well as your surrounding to protect the health condition of yourself as well as your friends and family members.

    Where can you find Asbestos?

    You will be able find asbestos-containing materials in different areas of your home. Asbestos might be present in the cement used in roofing and siding materials of your home. Your home might have been built totally with the use of asbestos because it can be used as an insulation against electricity. Asbestos might have been used in artificial ashes and embers as well if you you purchased them from gas-fired fireplaces. If the texture paints and different materials used for the construction of ceiling joints and walls of your home were placed before the late-1970s, then it is likely to have asbestos present in them as well. You can also find asbestos paper, mill-board and cement sheets for the protection of walls and floors near the stoves run by burning of woods. Asbestos might have been used in several other interior and exterior parts of your properties such as gutterings, down-pipes, soil pipes, panels, floor tiles, water tanks, fire doors, surrounding area of the boiler, toilet cistern, etc. as well.

    You can also consult with different resources of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) such as magazines, publications, templates, etc. for getting information about different materials that might contain asbestos as well as steps involved in the removal of asbestos. If you aren't sure about different parts of your building which might contain asbestos, you can contact a trusted and reliable asbestos surveyor for surveying about your building to detect asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos surveyors can also help you in proper dismantling, removal and disposal of asbestos materials in your home. It is highly recommended for you to talk with asbestos surveyor company before getting started with the removal process

    Asbestos Removal in Nottingham

    You can get different services regarding asbestos removal from us. The major services that you can get from the us are:

    • Asbestos Surveying
    • Asbestos Testing and Further Analysis
    • Removal of Garages built with Asbestos materials
    • Removal of Roofing materials designed with Asbestos fibres
    • Removal of Floor Tiles which contain Asbestos
    • Removal of Asbestos in both Industrial and Commercial Sectors
    • Encapsulation of Asbestos materials before disposal
    • Disposal of Asbestos in an efficient way in proper landfill sites

    Along with these services, they also offer you free quotation when you contact them through their website, email or phone. These companies can help you in all the processes regarding asbestos removal such as surveying asbestos materials at your assets, providing guidance on whether you need to remove them or not, dismantling asbestos materials without letting asbestos get airborne, removal of these materials, encapsulation and finally the disposal of these materials in proper landfill sites with spacious area.